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Journaling now begins with your own personal vision board.

Your thoughts are like magnets and the dreams or goals you put down on paper, in images or words will increase your odds of achieving them by 85%.


We believe every journal should come with your own, personal vision board. Create your collage the fun and exciting way with magazine cutouts, pictures, words, glue and scissors. Make it a party! Now you can keep your goals, all in the palm of your hand.


Take action! Writing down your thoughts every day in your success journal will align your mind with your goals and get you one step closer to achieving your wildest dreams.


You will realize that reflecting on your daily and monthly progress will push you to new heights, failure will become a thing of the past! Checking off goals will become a new habit that will reestablish your pursuit of happiness.

Your Vision, Your Way.

Introducing the Cardinal Point Journal

The Cardinal Point Success Journal still keeps your goals and dreams front and center, while providing you space to dream with the stroke of a pen. The world will change with the words you write!

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    Quality craftsmanship. Quality purpose. It’s not just a journal, it’s a way to achieve your dreams.
  • 5
    Vision Board + Success Planner!! The best part is updating my goals on the vision board and affirming it in the planner and journal. I’ve recommended, thanks!

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